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Faff Digital focus on creating bespoke apps for the majority of mobile devices and tablets.


Each of our apps are fully featured with a focus on intuitive user interface, high presentation levels and technical robustness.


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Faff Digital deliver responsive websites for desktop, mobile and tablet devices allowing users to access content optimised for their device. From mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets Faff Digital has expertise in optimising for devices such as Android, iPad, Kindle, etc. - See platforms below for a full list of supported devices


Each website takes into account different screen sizes, shapes and resolutions without compromising the content.


Full support for all modern browsers a specialty of Faff Digital so regardless of whether a user prefers Windows Explorer or Google Chrome they can easily access and view the website’s content. Supported browsers include Internet Explorer (PCs/Macs), Google Chrome (PCs/Macs) Firefox (PCs/Macs), Opera (PCs/Macs), Safari (Mac), etc.


Our websites are optimised to support all major smart phones, tablets, desktop and laptop PCs


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We support all major smart phones and tablets

Smart-phones - iPhones, Android

•  Tablets - iPad tablet and iPod touch devices, Android tablets (e.g. Nexus, Galaxy Note, etc.), Amazon Kindle tablets (e.g. Kindle Fire,, etc.)

Clients will be given the opportunity to have their apps digitally distributed via digital distribution channels such as:

•  Apple Appstore

  Amazon App Store

  Google Play.


We distribute to these platforms as part of any fees for producing the app.






We can provided many other useful promotional services for our clients, either to complement an app or website or as standalone work

  Full Google Ad Campaigns - we have saved clients tens of thousands of pounds a year, based on competitor costs, and increased user numbers in the areas targeted

  Data Driven Marketing Strategies - we provide regular analytical reports to analyse data, and advise a promotional approach that matches the targeted demographics

  Video production - we have developed promotional videos for use in social media, web ads and digital distribution channels

•  Branding - we have provided new brand identities for existing projects as well as establishing new ones

•  Promotional Material - to aid promotion of a number of projects we have worked with the client to produce printed cards, flyers and posters

•  Social Media - we have assisted clients with social media strategies, posts, management and promotional imagery





We aim to keep costs down where possible and offer competitive rates. Cost will vary per project depending on functionality, content and platforms.


•  Please contact us on info@faffdigital.com for a free quote.