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About our Projects


Faff Digital focus on creating bespoke apps for the majority of mobile devices and tablets along with fully responsive websites for all modern mobile, tablet and desktop browsers.


Each of our apps and websites are fully featured with a focus on intuitive user interface, high presentation levels and technical robustness







Useful features from our existing apps and websites include:


Push notification support so users can send messages directly to app users

•  Video recording so users can record video clips without opening a separate app

•  Data backup so users can backup data to iCloud

•  Note taking so users can jot notes down within the app or website for future use

•  Integrated internet browser so weblinks are opened within the app rather than taking the user out of the app

•  Google Map integration including GPS map positioning for relevant devices

•  Full Google Analytics support for every page to allow the client to view the detailed statistics such as overall hits, devices, demographics, geographical info, returning users, etc.

•  Simple to use and flexible CMS (Content management systems) to allow the client to edit images and text and keep users updated through relevant pages

•  Info pages detailing funders of projects and acknowledging any partnerships

•  Full social media integration e.g. incorporating like share/tweet/follow buttons and embedding relevant social media pages

•  Search engine optimisation (SEO) to help users find websites through search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo

•  Multiple language support so users can select their preferred language at the touch of a button

•  Contact forms to allow users to provide feedback and info directly to the client

•  Interactive web links to relevant sites

•  E-mail addresses users can use to send messages or queries to specific contacts

•  App links or redirects to relevant apps

•  Embedded HD videos

•  Links to any related documentation or relevant publications

•  Incorporating interactive phone numbers for users to call through their smart-phones e.g. emergency contacts

•  Including any required client images e.g. photos or artwork

•  iOS smart banners – iPhone and iPad button overlays to promote links related to the client’s website

•  Creation of custom QR codes – uniquely designed for visual impact and takes users to any website or app the client requests when scanned

And many more


Additional features are available on request, please contact us with any queries.





Faff Digital can provide competitive pricing on all projects due to a lean structure which reduces many of the usual overheads associated with higher development costs. Please contact us on info@faffdigital.com for a free quote, proposal or estimate.